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this photograph intrigues me so much! why isn’t this the most famous photo from 9/11 instead of the falling man? isn’t 2 people holding hands after jumping more significant than 1 man? it makes me wonder what the story is behind this photo, were they friends or lovers? or just strangers who were too scared to jump alone? it shows that people need a helping hand even in their final moments, i love it.

Fucking reblog today; tomorrow. Any day I see it on my dash. Beautiful. I for one think they were strangers. Sometimes it’s easier to care for a stranger, how else would they have found the courage to not only jump, but to look into someone’s eyes and jump. I don’t think I could have done that if I knew the person well.

Powerful and painful image of a terrible choice people were forced to make, yet beautiful in that, in their final moments, these two would not die alone. I can’t stop staring at it, wondering who they were, what their stories were, their families, their pets, how terrifying their final moments were, saying goodbyes in their heads, hearts, and souls.  

My thoughts on the death of Robin Williams.

Let me start off by saying I’ve been a Robin Williams fan for as long as I can remember. My brother and I grew up on his movies, as my parents did on Mork and Mindy. Just this past Christmas, in memory of Paul Walker, we watched Noel. My best friend was also there. Robin’s part as a Guardian Angel in the movie left a very lasting impression on all of us. As soon as I heard the news tonight, this very scene was the first thing that popped into my mind. His performance’s were pure gold, almost everyone of his characters had a genuine vibe about them. We’ve lost so many greats this year - Paul Walker, James Garner, Philip Seymour Hoffman, all of whom worked with Robin at one point in their career. They all left a very big impact on my life in one performance or another. Walker’s death hit me the hardest. I couldn’t sleep, I cried for days. I know that most people would think this was a little much considering I never knew him, but his “do good” attitude was what hit me the hardest. The love he shared for his daughter Meadow, the hard work he did for Reach Out World Wide, his amazing performances in Noel, Hours etc. When I learned of Williams’ death, these qualities were ones I recognized in him as well. His character in Patch Adams, also starring the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman, was a performance you could not fake. He clearly had to have a good heart to play that type of role. To give joy to children when dealing in very rough spots of your life is an amazing trait. I feel as though this character related to Williams himself. We found happiness through him while he could not find it himself. It hurts me to know that he thought he didn’t have any reason to live anymore. We all cared so deeply about him and will forever be grateful for the laughs, tears, and smiles he gave us. My prayers go out to his wife, children, family and friends. Please, if you ever feel there’s no more reason to live or know someone who is suicidal or depressed, reach out to this number 1-800-273-TALK. There’s always someone who loves and cares about you.

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